LungMAP seeks to improve lung health by providing the research community with a web-based resource to support investigations into the processes that regulate lung development.

The use of cutting-edge technologies upon the many cell types from pre- and postnatal murine and human tissues will generate a novel map of where and when lung cells differentiate and alveoli form.

LungMAP will make this knowledge accessible and freely available to the public through novel imaging and web-based tools.

Using newly optimized visualization technology at the Translational Biomedical Imaging Laboratory at the The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, researchers can now perform a ‘virtual bronchoscopy' that begins in the bronchus and allows them to peer into the alveolus. In a collaboration led by David Warburton, MD, researchers are seeking to radically transform our understanding of the formation of the gas exchange surface in the human lung, find new approaches to the care of premature infants, and develop a better understanding of the numerous childhood- and adult-onset lung diseases.
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